Graham Sammells, CEO, The IQ Group

March 4, 2013

Can you provide a brief overview of the company?

IQ Group is a member of a global group, IQ BUSINESS, with more than 500 employees world-wide. Here in Australia we serve the Financial Services sectors, principally Superannuation and Wealth Management. With over 80 talented people in our team, we focus on integrating technology with business strategy and business process.

What sets the company apart from your competitors?

We are able to provide experienced professionals with proven processes and innovative solutions to directly meet our clients’ needs across the areas of Operations, Technology and Risk. We are known throughout the industry for deep industry experience in Superannuation and Wealth Management. A strong commitment to cost-effective, practical outcomes delivers tangible and quantifiable client benefits. We express this commitment to delivery, based on a deep understanding of the business coupled with strong project delivery skills, and our innovative and pragmatic approach

Who are typical prospects/customers?

Our clients are spread across, wealth management, banking, insurance, and the wider financial services sector. We work with many superannuation funds, including, Industry Funds, Public Sector, Retail, Corporate, Third Party Administrators and other service providers.

When talking to customers/prospects what things are top of their agendas today?

The Wealth Management and Superannuation sectors are undergoing a revolution in technology infrastructure change, customer service delivery and must be flexible in responding to both regulatory change and business development opportunities.

The issues occupying top of mind space in our client base therefore include assessing and implementing regulatory change, not only to ensure compliance, but also to drive added operational or business improvements courtesy of the Smarter Super initiatives.

Additionally rationalising systems to meet these changes and future plans; data remediation to meet regulatory requirements and the better use of effective data and finally ensuring that technology is an enabler of business and is positioned to meet the organisation’s requirements.

What are the Company’s greatest challenges right now?

Our greatest challenges today are finding the right people to fit with IQ Group’s culture. We pride ourselves in our consultant’s technical know-how, their industry knowledge and subject-matter expertise, and their willingness to step up and be accountable. We like people with ‘big ears’ because we have to listen carefully to understand our clients requirements.

Our daily challenges revolve around helping clients implement systems and process changes to meet regulatory deadlines, as these are generally complex programs which often extend enterprise-wide, and setting them up for success is a crucial component of successful delivery.

And finally another area that we are focusing on is helping clients deal with the rapidly changing world of mobile technology devices, and the impact which mobility is having and will continue to have on the way we all do business. While this is a challenge, it presents a huge opportunity!

And opportunities?

We see tremendous opportunities in three areas. The first is the Superannuation sector over the next five years or more, which is undergoing significant re-positioning and change, and where our specialist knowledge and expertise, and positioning as a thought-leader, allows us to significantly and meaningfully assist market participants in meeting and embracing these changes. Allied with the first area, the convergence of regulation and compliance across the broader Financial Services spectrum, which will allow us to extend our Consulting practice from Superannuation and Wealth Management into broader areas such as investment management and life insurance. Finally, helping our clients harness the value inherent in the data that they collect and manage to generate operational efficiencies and innovative new opportunities.

What are the core messages you want the marketplace to know about your company?

The marketplace needs to know that we help our clients become more competitive, efficient and profitable through improved processes and innovative solutions across Operations, Technology and Risk. We achieve this by applying our deep experience and expertise, delivered through our expert consultants and our proven reputation as a trusted partner. In everything we do, it is with “Intelligence.Applied”.

Graham Sammells is CEO of IQ Business Group, Chair of ASFA’s Electronic-Commerce Policy Sub-Committee, a member of the SuperStream Advisory Council and Chair of the Deakin University School of Information Systems Advisory Board.

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