Who’s who of Aussie ICT

March 4, 2013

AIRTASKER connects people seeking to outsource everyday tasks and errands with trusted reliable people who can complete those tasks. Airtasker have access to thousands of people with the time, skills and expertise to make life easier – when you want, for the price you want. Think of Airtasker as your local community noticeboard online and in your pocket. The company is based on the idea of collaboration whereby community members share resources directly with each other cutting out the middle person and also reducing costs. www.airtasker.com

SCRIPTROCK helps customers understand and control system configurations. Benefits include reducing human costs and eliminating the wasted effort through automated testing with ScriptRock, improving collaboration and having I.T. staff speaking the same language. ScriptRock eliminates information silos and configuration tests in Scriptrock can be written and understood by everyone from developers to testers to operations staff. www.scriptrock.com

SHIP2ANYWHERE provides booking and low-cost domestic and international shipping services online. The company are shipping specialists as well they are a courier booking service. The company offers a range of innovative and fully integrated shipping services including global mail, USA mail forward and USA order fulfilment. The company offers an easy shipping solution using carriers DHL and Australia Post. Ship2anywhere recently opened their second site in the United States. Every parcel shipped whether to Australian or International comes with a 24/7 online tracking service. www.ship2anywhere.com.au

eWATER’s mission is to be a national and international leader in the development and application of software products for integrated water cycle management. The company’s technologies and knowledge are enhancing the ability of industry to make water management decisions that are cost effective, transparent and scientifically defendable. eWaters most widely used tool is a stormwater modelling product, ‘music’, which continues to lead the way in decision support for stormwater quality management and water sensitive urban design. eWater is building relationships with international river and water management organisations, especially in developing and emerging countries. www.ewater.com.au

goACT’s journal works with a wide range of internet connected devices: laptops, desktop computers, tablets and smart phones. Clients and care providers can access their medical journal through the devices they have available at the time and with which they feel most comfortable. The ability to enter data at any time and location makes the client’s self-observations contextual, timely and more reliable. www.goact.com.au

iWEBGATE software provides organisations access to a sophisticated network that sits between their local network and existing firewall technology. The software provides the functionality of highly complex security networks offering intrusion detection and prevention, user authentication and the ability to securely share data with remote users and customers. The iWebGate Platform is being used to deliver services worldwide to over 350 firms and over 200,000 individual users. The company has created the affordable all encompassing and scalable Ghost Network Platform termed a “DMZ in a Box”. The technology transformed the landscape of networks – how they can communicate and what they can safely do. www.iwebgate.com

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