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How gamification can help you prepare for new world 1:1 marketing — Stephen Schwalger, PAG Digital

It wasn't long ago that fast food chains, restaurants, clubs and hotels didn't really need to create or maintain customer databases. Good marketing at the macro level – possibly advertising supported by strategic sponsorships – seemed enough to ensure customers would keep on walking in through the front door.
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Digital disruption – it’s real and it’s now!


Digital Disruption is something that all (or almost all) of us are aware. We see the impact of Airbnb, Uber,, Seek and so. Some disruptions are welcomed but many are not; and so significant negative reactions, understandably so, appear.
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Ashley Madison hack: sleeping with the enemy


The Ashley Madison hack is a wakeup call not only for many individuals but for every single business, as well — many of which are still not paying enough attention to data security.
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Reducing risk with an effective security policy: Gartner


A common criticism of policies and standards is that they often can tell people what they cannot do, but rarely tell people what they can do. Test out a number of actual scenarios that staff members are faced with, and determine how the policy supports or inhibits them.
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Embracing modern finance—the new generation of software systems designed to transform accounting


Automation is the best friend of productivity, the former unleashing the latter. Despite this being well known and applied throughout many industries and job functions, very little of an accounting department's work is automated.
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Do shadow apps leave IT in the dark? Niall King, Senior Director APAC Sales, Centrify


Many of the greatest dangers faced by enterprises today originate from within the organisation rather than malicious attacks from without.
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Move to digital needs simpler IT


There is a myth that if an organisation begins takes steps to use digital technologies, the problem of IT complexity will resolve itself.
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Three reasons to choose cellular out-of-band management


Ensuring uptime and system availability are primary goals for the IT department of all organisations.However, guaranteeing optimal infrastructure performance is far from easy considering the many issues that system administrators face in a given day or week, especially when systems are in remote locations.
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Security inside out. Sven Radavics – General Manager APAC, Imation Mobile Security


Summer is here and there will undoubtedly be an increase in the number of people taking time off to holiday. There will of course be the familiar rush to complete work projects in time to ensure we make the most of our time off.
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Why tech should give back – Dr. Raji Ambikairajah


Amazon, Google, eBay and Facebook. Household names and some of the most disruptive technology businesses of their time. Everyone in the ICT industry has a wealth of knowledge on the technology behind these organisations, but how much do you know about their giving? And does it even matter?
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No matter how you shuffle the IT Vendor deck, the same cards stay up top

The Big Four vendors of most relevance in the IT marketplace will continue to be Oracle, Microsoft, SAP and Google for the foreseeable future. Let me explain why…
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When crafting your API Strategy put design first


Opening up services with an API is more than an engineering project. For most, it’s a new way of thinking about their business. If you’re not designing your API to delight your consumers - in this case, your developer community and even your own team - you’re setting yourself up for failure.
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Sheng Yeo, CEO & Co-Founder of OrionVM