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2016: The year of the process, Ivan Seselj, CEO, Promapp


At some point every business needs to take a step back in order to get a more holistic view of its operations. Which business processes are really working and which aren’t?
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How an attitude of scarcity is hurting resellers and customers

An unsettling attitude is washing through the software reseller channel – and it’s affecting, vendors, resellers and customers alike. Dubbed an ‘attitude of scarcity’, it’s the widespread feeling that there is never enough to go around.
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Siloed approach to IT causing inefficiency, higher costs for healthcare providers


Much of today's modern healthcare system relies on large, complex organisations that have grown and expanded their capabilities over time. Comprising a wide range of departments with deep skills and expertise, they provide professional care to large numbers of patients every day.
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ACS Foundation 2016 BiG Day In Kicks off


The ACS Foundation (ACSF) ensured over 2,000 senior secondary and university students benefitted from the insights of more than 50 experienced technology professionals at a career event with a difference, the BiG Day In, held at University of Technology
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‘House of cards’ falls to immutable wisdom – UltraServe VP Technology Troy Fisher


I declare, I have seen the light although I was mired in doubt to start with. What held me back from accepting the cloud into my life was fear - the terror of losing control.
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Ian Bertram Global Manager Analytics and Business Intelligence Research, Gartner

Ahead of the Gartner Business Intelligence, Analytics and Information Management Summit in Sydney, we asked the global manager of the Analytics and Business Intelligence Research team Ian Bertram about the latest market trends and what Australian organizations are focusing on this year.
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Infrastructure Australia and PriceWaterhouseCoopers weigh into the NBN debate: Paul Budde

Both Infrastructure Australia and PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) have now weighed into the NBN debate. They have looked at the value of the NBN in relation to the future sale of the company. The eventual privatisation of the NBN is one of the few areas on which both sides of politics agree. That being the case then...
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The role of APIs in the evolving healthcare sector—Jonathan Stern, Regional VP ANZ, MuleSoft


The combination of an aging population and longer average life spans is putting increasing pressure on healthcare systems around the world. Existing facilities are struggling to cope with demand, while healthcare-related spending is consuming growing proportions of national budgets.
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How gamification can help you prepare for new world 1:1 marketing — Stephen Schwalger, PAG Digital

It wasn't long ago that fast food chains, restaurants, clubs and hotels didn't really need to create or maintain customer databases. Good marketing at the macro level – possibly advertising supported by strategic sponsorships – seemed enough to ensure customers would keep on walking in through the front door.
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Digital disruption – it’s real and it’s now!


Digital Disruption is something that all (or almost all) of us are aware. We see the impact of Airbnb, Uber,, Seek and so. Some disruptions are welcomed but many are not; and so significant negative reactions, understandably so, appear.
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Ashley Madison hack: sleeping with the enemy


The Ashley Madison hack is a wakeup call not only for many individuals but for every single business, as well — many of which are still not paying enough attention to data security.
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Reducing risk with an effective security policy: Gartner


A common criticism of policies and standards is that they often can tell people what they cannot do, but rarely tell people what they can do. Test out a number of actual scenarios that staff members are faced with, and determine how the policy supports or inhibits them.
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Don Brown, CEO, Interactive Intelligence