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Predict outcomes, delivery experiences to be a 21st century enterprise


I took my daughter (a millennial) out to the shopping centre the other day and I must say, it was quite an experience to observe how different her generation approaches the market with very different expectations from the brands and products they consider.With short attention span, spoilt with unlimited choices and more informed than...
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Philip Milne, CEO, UXC Red Rock


UXC Red Rock, a CSC company, is the largest independent provider of Oracle consulting and managed services in Australia and New Zealand with over 650 experienced Oracle professionals. Red Rock with CSC combines speed and agility with market leading solutions on a global scale.
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Simon Ractliffe, Director and General Manager, South Asia-Pacific at SecureWorks


I have the rare privilege to preside over the regional expansion of an already globally recognised, and regionally proven Intelligence-Driven Information Security Solutions Powerhouse; a company that is truly magnetic to the world's leading security experts.
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Steve Barker, Chief Operating Officer, ANZ, Sitel

Sitel is a global leader in omnichannel customer experience solutions. We support over 250 clients in more than 40 languages from more than 108 facilities across 21 countries, including Australia and New Zealand.
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The device mesh and the new age of connections


Welcome to the new age of connectivity. Since the introduction of the internet in the mid-1990s and the smartphone (Apple IPhone) in June 2007, acquiring information through websites and Apps was just the beginning. Now, we use a multitude of devices, such as multi-branded smartphones, tablets and smartwatches that allow us to be connected...
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The ever-evolving CTO


I grew up in Australia, dreaming about technology. My first computer was a Commodore 64 that my grandmother bought for me. While most kids were putting up posters of a favourite singer or band, I was cutting out pictures of PCs and peripheral equipment from Australian computer magazines.
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Now on to the business of making Australia competitive


This was an eventful week. The 2016 Census promised to be one of the most ambitious demonstrations of citizen engagement ever conducted online, however due to a “confluence of events” many Australians were not able to complete the census on the allocated night.
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Passwords are our greatest security weakness


The problem with passwords is that they’ve actually become the problem rather than the solution. Although for decades we’ve relied on passwords to protect our computer systems from hackers, they are no longer fit for purpose.
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The growing pace of business innovation

Greg Cullen, Managing Director - ANZ, Talend

In an increasingly globalised economy where competition grows stronger every day, innovation is a must-have for business survival. It enables companies to improve their performance and productivity, conquer new markets, and invent new products and services that meet ever-evolving customer needs.
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What is the ROI from an IT degree? John Ridge AM, Executive Director, ACS Foundation


Data from the latest Australian Census return shows that on average, those working in the IT industry with a University qualification would earn an additional $191,775 over a 25 year career. The data comes from the 224,823 people who nominated that they worked in IT careers in their Australian census submissions and showed...
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Useful Mobile Apps and IT tools for start-ups—Vidya Vasu, ManageEngine

Almost 100 million new businesses are launched every year globally. Sydney ranks 16th in the top 20 cities on the 'Startup Ecosystem Index' with close to 30 startups for every million.
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The implications of digital disruption for boards – John Colvin, Colvin Consulting

It is clear to most of us that we are at the early stages of the greatest transformation of industry structures, business models and the nature of work that the world has ever seen. These changes have the potential to impact all businesses and most categories of work.
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Chad Gates, Managing Director, Pronto Software